What does the APCA do?

Aims of the Portuguese Association of Historical Houses

- To contribute towards the conservation, valuation, and study of cultural real estate assets or buildings of historical or artistic interest.

- To represent and defend the common interests of property owners or the holders of legitimate rights over such properties, dealing with both public and private entities.

- To provide services of interest to members.

Tasks of the Association

With a view to pursuing its aims the duties of the Association comprise:

1- The endorsement of studies aimed at the conservation of both cultural real estate and personal assets.

2 - To endeavour to improve the treatment of cultural assets related to the objectives of the Association, namely by trying to improve tax legislation.

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What has the Association already done?

It has contributed decisively to a change in attitude concerning the compensation of historical patrimony property owners in matters of taxation, by making them more aware and actively responsible for the preservation of their historical property, which is itself also a part of the country.

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